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About Us

Provider Capital Group is a privately owned Canadian financial services corporation offering financing solutions to Merchants and Consumers. Our services include Merchant Financing Programs and Personal Loans.

Provider Capital Group provides financing to various types and sizes of businesses to help merchants offer in-house financing to their customers. Through our Merchant Assisted Finance programs tailored to your needs and those of your customers, we can help you drive sales and profits. Businesses that have customer purchases greater than $500 can benefit greatly from offering such financing programs.

See how your business Grows!

Merchants will generally realize an increase in their sales volume as well as an increase in the average customer purchase by allowing customers to pay for their purchases over a period of time. Customers will remain loyal knowing that the financing program will not only assist them in making their desired purchase affordable, but also in helping them comfortably manage their monthly expenses.

We make it hassle-free!

We have an easy to fill out merchant application that just takes a few minutes to complete. We can approve your business as our new merchant partner within 72 hours. You can be on your way to building your business to new heights!