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Merchant Support

Provider Capital Group is here to answer any of your questions and to help you build your business.

For your reference, we have provided answers to a number of commonly asked questions that may assist you in making an informed decision in partnering with us to provide your merchant assisted financial program.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long will it take to approve a customer loan application?
Once you have submitted your customer’s online application, you will receive a response as to your loan approval usually within a few minutes.
When will I receive payment for approved customer finance contracts?
Once all Merchant contractual agreements are in place and a loan administrator has received all completed customer information, Provider Capital Group will directly deposit payment into your bank account within 24 hours unless other payment arrangements are made. Deposit times may vary depending on the financial institution.
What types of financial solutions do you offer and at what rates?
We will customize a program that best meets your business’ needs. We offer programs with flexible rates that start at 0% financing. Please contact our sales representatives during regular business hours for more detailed information at 1-866-340-5559 or sales@providercapitalgroup.com.
What types of products or services do you provide merchant assisted financing to?
We will provide programs for most products and services. Please contact our sales representatives to see if we can provide your business with assistance.
What if our customer has been declined by another financial institution?
Our criteria for loan approval may be different from other financial institutions where a previously declined customer may quality for a loan with us. Our loan administrator will review every submitted customer application.
Can a customer pay off their loan at any time during the contract?
Yes. Our loans are open-ended and they can be paid in full or additional partial payments made at any time through the contracted period without penalty.